5 Major Health Problems That New Moms Face During Pregnancy

5 Major Health Problems  That New Moms Face During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant means a lot of excitement, joy and love for the upcoming member but apart from that pregnancy comes with a lot of complications and challenges. You get physically, mentally and emotionally very disturbed. You shouldn't take it lightly instead you should understand these issues and find ways to manage them for the well being of both mother and baby. In this blog, let's talk about 5 major health problems that moms face during and after pregnancy.

Anxiety Or Depression During Pregnancy

One thing that usually affects new moms in their pregnancy journey is Anxiety and depression. It is also considered common in most pregnant women. Extreme shift of hormones, physical weakness and stress of upcoming life with a baby can contribute to all these conditions. Pregnant women are usually worried about their appearance, the sudden change in life, parenthood and what not. The signs and symptoms of anxiety inΒ  pregnancy include continued sadness, mood swings, no interest in the activities that were once favorite, feeling of guilt and panic attacks.

You have to use several strategies to manage all the symptoms. Talk with a professional and seek help from therapists as it is essential. They will guide you with the right medication or will offer therapy sessions that will help you overcome anxiety. Try to socialize with people who are supportive and understand your situation. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, go for a walk, listen to music, get a good sleep, and do what makes you happy.

Loneliness And Poor Self-worth

With the change in physical and emotional appearance, pregnant women often isolate themselves because of societal pressure and feel lonely and undervalued. To overcome this, socialize with people who are understanding and supportive. Get some me time, go maternity shopping, and value yourself as you are doing a lot which is remarkable. Stay positive and keep your surroundings positive too. Furthermore, seeking professional counseling can offer strategies to build self-worth and manage feelings of isolation, ensuring that new moms feel supported and valued during their pregnancy journey.


Most pregnant women often complain about fatigue and tiredness. The body is working harder to nourish the baby alongside the mother which can lead to exhaustion. Extreme shifts of hormones, lack of sleep, and increased metabolism can lead to extreme tiredness. In order to solve this issue, make sure you give yourself some time, rest as much as you can, and stay hydrated and active. Go for walks, do the recommended exercises to increase energy levels and sleep

Breastfeeding Challenges

This one comes after when your pregnancy journey is over and the journey of motherhood takes a start. Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond between mother and child but it often comes with challenges. Your baby might not learn to latch that quickly and that will lead to sore and cracked nipples which can be extremely painful. Constant worry about low milk supply or hard stiff breasts due to excessive milk production are frequent challenges in your breastfeeding journey. To overcome these issues you need to get help from a lactation expert, discuss your concerns and you will surely find your cures. Moreover, you can use nursing pads to avoid leaking and keep the nipples dry. You can also experiment with different breastfeeding positions and whichever seems comfortable.

Managing Postpartum Health Issues

You just gave birth and now thinking that all the hardships are over. Well, not really! This is when Motherhood begins, this is called the Postpartum period which brings additional challenges as your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth experience. PPD also known as Postpartum Depression is common among women and causes significant impact to one's mental health. If you had a vaginal birth or C section, the recovery process is slow for both and it is definitely not easy. Along with the stitches and weak body you have to manage breastfeeding, take care of your newborn, lack of sleep can lead to chronic fatigue. Managing these postpartum health issues involves regular check-ups with healthcare providers to monitor physical and mental health. Seek help from your family to make things easy for you.

How To Overcome Them.Β 

Health issues can definitely take a toll on one's health but that doesn't mean you have to live with them. There are ways and strategies to manage these symptoms and overcome the condition. Talk to a healthcare representative, your midwife or your doctor, take their advice and sek their guidance for physical and emotional health issues. If you are having mental health challenges, consult a therapist and find ways to get yourself peace and relaxation. Get some me time and do any activity that brings positivity. If you like painting, get some paints and bring color to your life. Go for a walk, keep yourself active and have fun. Also don't forget to get maximum sleep.

While you are fighting the battle with your physical health, don't forget to seek emotional support. Talk to your partner, socialize with friends and family and if you are not comfortable with that then there are support groups for pregnant women that you can join. In these support groups, women share their experiences and provide a supportive environment. Products such as nursing pads to manage breastfeeding challenges and pregnancy pillows will help improve your sleep and comfort can make a significant difference in making your pregnancy easier.


Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride, some days are super easy and some days are tough. There are definitely some complications and health issues that pregnant women face but you can address them and find solutions to continue enjoying your pregnancy and wait for the mini you to come to life.