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At Ornavo, we're on a mission to make breastfeeding easy and affordable for every mother. Our high-quality breast pumps provide the best value for your money, Trust us to empower you on your motherhood journey.

Single Breast Pump

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Our mission is to support and empower new mothers in their breastfeeding journey.

Double Breast Pump

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You should wash your baby’s pumps part with warm, soapy water before sterilising.

Breast milk can be stored in clean, sterilised containers in either the main fridge (not the door) or the freezer.
We should labelled each container with the date and time of storage so that you can remember to use the oldest milk first.

You can find information about our products and their uses in the guide that comes with each item and on our product pages. Our customer support team is also available to help if you need further assistance.

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About this problem, The first step is to check whether the flange size is appropriate. If the flange is too large or too small, it will cause pain.

And then please try to adjust the models and suction levels. and before milking, warm the breast with a hot towel, massage to stimulate the areola, so that the breast is completely unblocked.

  1. Check if the sitting posture is correct.
  2. If leaking from silicone, ensure it's snapped in properly or replace if faulty/warped.
  3. If leaking from motor or collection cup, check for cracks or ensure they're fully secured.
  4. If leaking from milk pour hole, ensure notches are aligned.
  5. If leaking from flange hole, check posture and replace duckbill if necessary.

Additional tips:

  • Tilt pump forward 45 degrees when taking it out.
  • Untie nursing bra detachable clip for more space.
  • Pour milk with flange entrance upward.
  1. Check valves and membranes for damage, replace if necessary.
  2. Ensure flange size is appropriate.
  3. Adjust suction levels and warm/massage breast before pumping.

Yes! Our breast pump is suitable for all breast sizes. The pump is designed to fit inside any standard bra, so breast size does not matter.

Of course not! Our pump allows you to move around and do whatever you want while pumping! No more being tied down to wired pumps.

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