Breast Nipple Shield
Breast Nipple Shield
Breast Nipple Shield
Breast Nipple Shield


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Nipple shield for Breastfeeding, Nipple protector for latch difficulties, sore, flat or Inverted Nipples, 2 Count with carrying case, 100% silicon-based BPA-free nipple guard

Navigate the joys of breastfeeding with ease, thanks to Ornavo's contact, Nipple Shield. Specifically tailored to alleviate common challenges faced by mothers, these shields are your trusted companion for addressing concerns like flat or inverted nipples, latching difficulties, soreness, and overactive letdown.

Addressing Breastfeeding Challenges:

Breastfeeding often presents challenges such as flat or inverted nipples, latching difficulties, and soreness. Ornavo Contact Breast Nipple Shields offer a solution by providing:

  • Improved Latch: These breast nipple shields assist in achieving a proper latch, addressing latching difficulties, and ensuring a comfortable feeding experience for both mom and baby.
  • Reduced Soreness: The ultra-thin and soft silicone material minimizes friction, contributing to reduced soreness and discomfort during breastfeeding sessions.
  • Overactive Letdown Management: For mothers experiencing overactive letdown, these shields provide a controlled flow, allowing for a more relaxed feeding experience.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Design for Maximum Contact: Crafted from 100% ultra-thin and soft silicone, Ornavo's Contact Nipple Shield for breastfeeding feature a unique design with a cut-out area, promoting maximum skin contact between mother and baby.
  • Made Without BPA: Upholding the highest safety standards, Ornavo ensures that all breast pump parts, including the contact nipple shields, are made without BPA.
  • Convenient and Portable: The kit includes two nipple shields and a portable carrying case, making it a perfect travel companion.
  • Comfortable: Made of super-soft, ultra-thin, flexible 100% silicone
  • SKIN-TO-SKIN: Unique cut-out design maximizes skin-to-skin contact while using the nipple shields breastfeeding
  • Hygenic case - Comes with a protective case for convenient storage


Empower your breastfeeding journey with the innovative design and support of Ornavo Nipple Shields. Overcome challenges, prioritize comfort, and cherish the bonding moments with your little one.

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