How to Store Breast Milk for Long time While Travelling

How to Store Breast Milk for Long time While Travelling

Breast feeding moms are wonderfully engage in a process which is naturally easy and life saving, enabling once to gain their nutritional benefits till 2 years. But somehow it may creates little problem and challenges to moms who should be getting done their own willingness.

Store Breast Milk for Long Time:

Breast feeding moms while travelling to work or any station have to reset or manage their schedule before leaving. This leads you to enjoy your journey very well and let your baby be in calm and take restful sleep after having his feed. While starts your travelling you must focused on using of breast pump and to How to Store Breast Milk in a proper manifold.

how to store breast milk for long time


Breastfeeding pumps Wearable:

Breastfeeding pumps are easy to use if we are using single wearable pump. It is light weighted and easy to carry and travel friendly which leads to more comfortably without any hassle. Double breast use to save time can found in electric or manual pumping machines that do expressing in half time. For saving it to use it later, many moms use pumps to Store Breast Milk for long time and for save it later use it can be save in pre-sterilized, sealable bags that are specially designed for storing milk.

Hard plastics and sealable , glass containers can be used to make it fresh for use. just make sure whatever you use is clean (wash with hot, soapy water, rinse well, and air dry and tightly sealed.

You should filled only small amount of milk in each container 2-4 ounce in several portions to make it reusable after every other feeding time. So, only single serving will be ready to feed at once there is no fear to discard any of it. freeze your milk, leave about an inch of room at top.

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines:

In a cool freezer, your milk stays fresh for up to 24 hours. You will be able to give to it easily on the same day or next. You can freeze it for longer storage period for up to three months in a freezing state. If you are staying in a hotel call your property manager to provide mini fridge for your breast milk storage bags and storage savings.

If your milk container of getting older not be sure to use it later, make it label with bold marker it's date if freezing to prevent it from getting older. Breast milk stay fresh and for use you can with in four hours keeping it at room temperature. You can have it four days in refrigerator or six to twelve month frozen properly. These all standards settled by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

TSA rules are clear and providing training to assure the traveler's are carrying their formula fairly or store breast milk safely. Many moms are forced

Unfortunately, even though the TSA rules are clear and TSA officials receive ongoing training to assure that they're treating traveler carrying breast milk and formula fairly, many moms still have uncomfortable , frustrating, embarrassing and disastrous situations while feeding so, they quit to shift their babies from breastfeeding to formula milk. You can have copy of their rules with you while travelling to save from little troubles.

Breastfeeding and Pumping while Flying:

If you're flying with your baby and you need to breastfeed during a flight, go through easier routes. No restrictions and rules are applied to be enforced to obey while breast feeding. You may prefer to covered a nursing cover or scarf over your chest to be less attention seeking , and if you'd like, you can be transparent and let your seatmates known from the beginning when you start travelling that you intend to breastfeed.

how to store breast milk for long time

If any one of passengers feelings unsettled or try to misbehave you should call to flight attendant they should accommodate you for your need.

While considering to book a seat, chosen window seat will give you more privacy if you are breastfeeding or pumping otherwise you can use airplane’s restroom. For additional privacy it may suits to your requirements.

If you use to breastfeed or pump during flight, keep it in mind you have to follow captain’s instructions stop using electronic gadgets while takeoff. If you are exclusively breastfeeding and travelling with your baby on your lap, it is preferable to feed during take off or due landing it helps to avoid pressure in your baby's ear.

Its shown in some studies tap water on airplanes contains coliform bacteria it may not useable to wash pumping equipment or bottles. You may asked for drinking water for your equipment’s cleaning, it applies to protect your hygiene issues.

Breastfeeding and Pumping at the Airport:

There are some laws In different countries that allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location. FAM act (friendly airport for mothers) comes into action in 2021, states that all medium and large domestic, international ports should provide private, non-bathroom lactation space in every terminal for moms to ease their duties of breastfeeding. Some airports have nursing pods, nursing lounges or family rooms.

how to store breast milk for long time

If you're traveling internationally, you may want to do some research before you start travelling , Cultural attitudes toward breastfeeding vary by country and by culture. It may take some time but effective to understand their values. When you get to your destination, ask at an information desk for an designed place to pump or breastfeed. Extra batteries or adopters kit must be taken while you were travelling and pumping through electronic device


Is shipping breast milk possible?

If you start traveling away from your baby for an long period of time, you may want to consider shipping breast milk home to your baby or to be stored in design sizes, quantity in your home freezer. While it can be more difficult and expensive than carrying the milk home yourself, it's certainly possible. Shipping companies uses to provide milk breast milk to your home location while you are far away.

If you freeze your expressing milk you uses to make ice packs using oversized or undersized cubes to your desired need. The USPS united states postal shipping companies have cold shipping storages that allows you to send breast milk via overnight shipping. If the milk arrives frozen it can be stored in the freezer for further use. If it thaws, however, the milk shouldn't be refrozen – it will have to be used within 24 hours

It concludes pumping and breastfeeding makes it easier for moms to feed their babies freely anywhere they need to just keep their equipments with them and prepare for some safety concerns..

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