How To Use Best Healthy Food For A Child Or Old Toddlers

How To Use Best Healthy Food For A Child Or Old Toddlers

Healthy Food for a child that help meet infants, toddlers nutritional value, for growing and developing digestive health. There must be some food choices and appetite as par for the cause of this age. When a baby crosses 6 months old, first meal should be started by introducing gradually from liquid to semi- solid then liquid which includes many combinations to fulfil their hunger cues.

Best Healthy Food For A Baby Through Mother's Milk:

Healthy Diet for a baby starts from the first hour of life, through to 6 months old, your baby can receive all of the nutrition she needs to grow and develop from mother's milk. She doesn't need anything else – no water, tea, juice, porridge or any other foods or fluids during this span. When they reached 12 months+ they need 1000 calories to support proper growth, 700 mg of calcium , 600 iu of vitamin d and 7 mg of iron according to paediatrician.


Intakes Of Healthy Food for Child:


Best healthy food for a child including Softer, fresh fruits are wonderful options for this age group. To develop eating habit there must be seduce for leaning properly. Especially bite-size bits easy and excellent choice to pick and eat by own.

Yogurts and milk:

When you switches your little one from weaning and breast milk to cow milk. It's best option to choose dairy products. Yogurt putted top on fruits or on date you are feeding, as snack time or meal. There is also an option. Of honey to be introduced at this stage to a 12 months old baby because it can cause risk of botulism or infection.

Milk contains proteins which is called casein, different from lactose can't be warily digest. Casein allergy manifest in 3% to 4% of child average levels. Consult your paediatrician when ever you introduce new plant based milk alternative, might be not recommended to toddler due to lack of nutrients and some other allergies.


Infants and toddlers might have small pointed teeth that can’t used to chew food or grinding in motion. There must be mashed or cut up into small pieces food to be given.

Oatmeal is a wonderful option. Easily chewable, swallow and boast baby's immunity has a high profile of vitamins, carbs and healthy fats.

Whole Grain Diet:

Finger friendly food that helps to develop prebiotic and beneficial for gut's bacterial function. Be sure to added on slowly to your little one’s diet, layers of creamy nuts butter to extra protein and some powder form of dry fruits to sprinkle on top for much better flavor and will come up a complete healthy meal.


A powerhouse healthy food for infants and toddlers or for adults too. A rich source of healthy fats , full of protein and nutrients. Speaks to your paediatrician if your little one have allergies with anaphylaxis, which create reactions.

Egg is a complete meal to be added on your breakfast or to be given with bread in snack time as combine to make a French toast and added some sugar to make more tasty. Kids often likes to eat sweets in meals.


Soft small bites are finger- friendly and full of protein food to add in your diet. Easy to cut & swallow. Sprinkle some salt and little black pepper or any veggies to make a perfect healthy meal.


Optimal choice and ideal hydration sources of life. Your infants after one year of breastfeeding or right after 6 months needed to introduce water in their feed. Growing stage need to improve hydration and they have to intake up-to ( 237ml) of water in a day, they need more if they are active and add up more if getting older. Likewise, parents should check on their babies diapers after every 6 hours either they are peeing well or not.

Steamed veggies:

Source of fibre and vitamins include broccoli, carrots, peas, lady fingers And egg plants brownie , sweet potatoes and yogurt with dip of some creamy texture . Steamed veggies to be soften at a lower flame and don't be mashed to look good. Colorful veggies have their own impact on body parts. A good and color full meal to be added on your little ones meal.

Mashed Beans:

The vitamin C and iron is especially important if your toddler not like to eat meat. It is a good substitute and mushroom too. Body absorbs heme-iron from animal source and efficiently absorbs non- gene iron from plant source.

Beans are in green vegetable family have high impact on eyes , kidneys and digestion. Rich source of iron and vitamins to keep their blood cell healthy.


Bounty of protein ,healthy fats and minerals. This is a rich source of keeping body healthy and introduce some candies oh hummus with added some cheese or sweetener to make more attractive and delicious. We can put it like spread on bread sleekly or with some cheese, butter or small slices of veggies.

Healthy Alternatives for Snacks:

Try to make homemade banana bread for snacks , pop corns, corns, apple pie and broccoli soup. Save the chocolate and cakes for occasion and avoid fried and junk snacks too. Now, When a baby crosses 6 months old, first meal should be started by introducing gradually from liquid to semi- solid then liquid. Infants and toddlers might have small pointed teeth that's can’t used to chew food or grinding in motion. There must be mashed or cut up into small pieces food to be given.


In conclusion, providing best healthy food for a baby and older toddlers is crucial for their growth and development. Introducing a balanced diet early on, rich in essential nutrients, can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Engaging in age-appropriate meal planning and offering a variety of fresh, whole foods is key to promoting optimal health and well-being in young children.

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