How To Use Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding

How To Use Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding

Nipple Shields For Breastfeeding:

These are silicone device helps your baby to nurse correctly with out having any difficulty in breathing. Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding has a base that wraps with areola(skin around your nipple) have a cone shaped around your nipples mostly they are thin, flexible and transparent in structure. Some shields have cuts over this shape on nipples to have direct contact with your baby and these tiny holes allows milk to flow in your baby mouth.

  • Helps in Breast Pumps:

Breast Pumping with Nipple Shields is easier by using these shields. These shields helps  significantly in reducing breast feeding pains and substitute for experienced breast feeding assistants. Efficiently extract nourishment with a breastfeeding pump, empowering mothers with convenience and flexibility

  • Adjusted with Wearing Breast Pumps:

Wearable breast pump is easier in certain situations but if adjusted correctly these nipple helps  in expressing in a right way and improves its flow. If it is not properly used it can lead to many problems, either your baby losing his or her weight, reducing milk supply, ducts plugged and mastitis.

It is important to consult your health care physician to ensure your lactation process and freely follow their recommendations.Experience discreet and hands-free Pumping with Nipple Shields with our innovative wearable breast pump, designed for modern moms on the go

  • Lactation Ease:

In some situations, these shields can help prevent properly latch and sucking more effectively by providing stimulation to the roof of their mouth.

When to Use a Nipple Shield for Breast Feeding Moms:

We should expose to a situation with a lactation consultant before trying a nipple shield to make sure that you really need something to keep hold your nipples in a right position for babies to easily suck. Babies may used to do these sucking exercises frequently and habitual for using them as well. It is more useful when they are used to pump electrically or manually. Babies offend used  shields easily.

It can be challenging to wean them off — so you don’t want to use one because it helps in making your child feel better to feed more and being able to pump it better other than to not used these shields when a mom is pumping she faced many other problems and one side sore nipples are main problem to be focused. Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding helps to use more expressing and to make sure to continue for other session of expressing without having any issue.

Nipple Shields For Breastfeeding

When do Mom use Nipple Shields?

More often mothers use this things Mom's For Breastfeeding, when they try to learn baby to suck properly. Usually after they born to grip their nipples quickly. Some of them have problem in latching so, they forcefully can't get enough milk flow and this create duct bile blocked and even shred of weight. By using these, moms can nurse easily and improves their babies sucking ability.

This is much more helpful for babies and parents who wished to breastfeed and continue without any hassles and don't want to switch their little one to formula milk .There is always a good advice to speak your consultant about your lactation process how to feed, how to pump, when to pump, where to use these things or to stop using if it cause a problem .

How to use a nipple shield properly:

These shields come in different sizes and shapes according to the diameter of demanded nipples have holes outside the nipples cover to passes air flow and allows to express smoothly. Consultant always makes you apply their recommendations whether to use it or which sizes you need to use.

How Do Nipple Shields Works:

Here is the process to apply it correctly:

  1. To prevent it from moving, moisture the edges with Luke warm water.
  2. Turn these Breastfeeding Nipple Shields inside out gently .
  3. It should be fits to your nipple size to extend into the tips, it should be tight and smooth enough for use.
  4. Express your flow into the tips, drip it out expressed milk on outside of the shields to encourage your baby to suck properly.
  5. When your milk flow slows down, you can occasionally hand express milk into your baby’s mouth during nursing to him doing the process continues.
  6. Wash the nipples thoroughly in hot soapy water and either to sterilize or steam or to clean in a boiler or to be washed in hot cycle of water.
How To Use Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding

Do Nipple Shields Breastfeeding make milk come out faster?

It takes more effort to get milk through a nipple shield, so your baby may need some extra help. One way to do this is to gently compress different areas of your breast pump during nursing sessions.

Why does my baby prefer the nipple shield?

Think of babies who begin their breastfeeding experience using a nipple shield. These babies often learn to prefer the texture of the shield—it is more firm, and offers more oral input for latching. It can be tricky to eventually wean these babies to the breast (but it is possible). 

Nipples shields

Nipples shields can be useful; have a close look at these poor, difficult baby's latchdue to having short inverted or flat nipples or either with tongue ties.


Babies mouth acts as a trigger sucking or reflective point to be focused during latching, hardly reaches that spot between junctions of soft and hard palate of mouth, that create interest in sucking and feeding. this can also be happened if a baby is diagnosed to have right frenulum ( in this case babies tongue is attached to mouth which may creates difficulty in freely movement and cause lactation slower.


Cracked nipples also cause connection gap between your and baby which may result as improper and shallow latch . Skin infection or bleeding may also happens in these cases. Mom's Nipple shields Breast Pump will act as barrier  like reduces pain and breastfeeding improves by using these protective shields. Because In many cases it if often happens mothers feel discomfort in feeding and connecting with babies and switches them to their formula feed which is not a good decision at that time. Before fully examining your problem and without any consultation you may not have to take any decision either to ease your anxiety or life. Addressing issue is far more important to suggest alternatives.


This may happen a occasionally there may be some challenges to be overcome when you gave birth to premature. Reflexes needed for breastfeeding may or may not be fully developed in a premature. These may includes grasping the breast in extending tongue, rooting reflex, swallow or breathing difficulties.

A nipple shield can be used as a protective cover or beneficial tool to provide extra milk flow and the extra firm touch to exclusive skin of mouth’s roof  to give these babies a better boost in their instincts for breastfeeding.



If you introduce you baby to bottle pacifier or teats that would help you to connect with artificial nipples shape immediately  but sometimes later they will not allow you to feed them natural latching process that's might not introduced first with natural latch. Because when they starts latching there muscles reactivate and produce more energy to feed more after an hour or little more. But when you gave them artificial feeding their muscles will not pull up as on natural feeding process and let them to feed again nipples shields are good helping device to transition your baby to breast.

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